Other DASH Services

Our company is strictly software development. We do not compete with our clients by offering the same services which they provide using our software. Contact our office for referrals to DASH companies providing the following services.

CATI Survey Suppliers

A network of DASH field operations across Canada provide two major services: overflow CATI for companies temporarily experiencing higher work volumes than they can handle, and outsourcing for companies who prefer not to maintain their own field service. Smaller operations often work cooperatively with other DASH partners so that together they can handle large projects cost-effectively and quickly.

Web Survey Suppliers

Several DASH companies prepare and host web surveys for external clients using DASH 3. Some offer specific services, such as specialization in particular research areas and the option to set up web surveys for hosting at other DASH sites.


DASH consultants all have an in-house DASH system and a strong background in research operations. Their DASH services include: overflow spec-writing for peak work periods; all spec-writing needs for companies outsourcing this function; emergency replacement for sick or vacationing operations staff; after-hours spec-writing assistance on evenings and weekend; DASH and research operations training; and mentoring of new staff.