The DASH software package is oriented to companies which ...
  • operate their own in-house computer systems
  • develop questionnaires of significant length and complexity
  • demand a cost-effective survey solution
  • undertake CATI, web, tablet, and/or mixed mode surveys
  • require the ability to handle large sample sizes
  • prefer Linux and open source solutions
Jan 19, 2023 - Release of DASH 3.8.7 Read more!

Browser-based telephone interviews may be conducted locally or remotely from the DASH site. Sophisticated call management optimizes respondent contact.

Web interviews may be either scrolling or paging. Mixed or multiple mode web/CATI surveys use a single survey instrument.

Interviews completed on paper questionnaires are handled in a one-step entry and edit combination.

In-person interviews on tablets and smartphones are conducted offline with automatic data uploads when a communication link is available.

The tabulations program handles large sample sizes and complex logic. Tables may be run on live data as it is being collected.

Components include power dialing for outbound calls, the playing of sound clips, and call recording.