Why Do Survey Research Companies Buy DASH?

When we ask our clients why they bought DASH and why they continue to use it year after year, this is how they reply.

Because of the software ...
consistent architecture
DASH incorporates the same structures and principles across all functions in a fully integrated package, and this means a programmer can use the same skill set across the full range of DASH applications.
integration of core applications
The mix of applications employed daily at a research company may vary, with data entry and programming staff using the licences weekdays and CATI interviewers taking over all licences on evenings and weekends.
parallel operations
Initial data collection, recoding, data correction, and reporting all proceed in parallel on each survey in a single file, so that tables can be executed on live data files as entry continues. When operations run in parallel rather than sequentially, each project is completed more quickly.
Because of the cost ...
single licence
The only separate modules are for optional add-ons (telephony and web surveys) that are not required in all operations.
Our licence costs are lower than comparable software packages because we use open source software, limit our overhead costs, and rely on word-of-mouth and client referrals for marketing.
one-time purchase
Since the majority of research operations use the same software package for years, the long-term cost savings compared to an annual rental are considerable.
Because of the support ...
all changes are updates
Every amendment to DASH from minor fixes to major revisions is covered under the continuous support plan, so there is never a financial hit for major upgrades. DASH companies using the Legacy DASH system receive at no additional cost the totally new browser-based DASH version.
The Linux operating system is very stable, and so is DASH. All new releases are tested extensively in-house to avoid as many problems as possible. With each major release we provide a changeover period that allows simultaneous use of the old and new versions.
fast, friendly
Technical glitches go immediately to a programmer, and this results in the fastest possible resolution.
Because of the company ...
its partnership with clients
Our company is a software development company, period. We have always actively promoted the contracting of form programming and field services to companies within our client base.
its research community involvement
Our company has always been involved in activities geared to promoting survey research. Projects have ranged from coordinating field work for a survey of attitudes towards surveys to undertaking research on interviewer issues, the impact of predictive dialers on respondents, and the challenge of cell phones for surveys..
its principle of 'openness'
The company's interest in the open source movement is evident not only from our use of open source software, such as Linux, but also from our adoption of open source principles. For example, all DASH documentation is openly available on our web site.