Tablet Surveys

Tablet interviews are interviewer-conducted face-to-face interviews using tablets and smartphones. Interviews are conducted independently of the company's remote server and are automatically relayed to that server when a communication link is available; this may be at the end of each interview, or each shift, or any other time frame.

The Android operating system is required for this application. It was selected because of its programmability, availability on a range of different devices, and low cost implementation. Any device running Android 4+ and any screen size may be used for DASH interviewing.

Tablet operations are totally controlled from the Manage Tablets menu on the company server. Interviewers have no requirements to load software and forms or to manage data storage and transmission.

A free demo copy of the tablet software can be downloaded to your Android tablet or phone browser from "". This will trigger an automatic install and you can peruse some demo forms on the unit.

Tablet surveys are licenced on a daily usage basis. Click here for pricing.

Stand-Alone Survey Types
  • conferences and trade shows
  • one-on-ones
  • executive interviews
  • mystery shopping
  • exit polls
  • assessments prior to focus groups
Mixed and Multiple Mode Surveys
  • same form for CATI, web, tablet interviews
  • server integration of all accesses, all modes
"Off-the-Grid" Survey Locations
  • remote and rural sites
  • tourism destinations
  • busy airports, train and bus stations
  • on public transit
Respondent Involvement
  • option to pass tablet to respondent:
    • for sensitive questions
    • for showing images
  • respondent-friendly presentation
Tablet Questionnaires
  • same form structures and logic as for all modes
  • execution of logic on entry as in CATI
  • full control over page layout
  • HTML properties and styles
  • optional headers and footers
  • any world language supported by browsers
  • multiple languages per form
Contact Details
  • interviewer identification
  • access date, time, length
  • GPS coordinates for geocoding
Communications With Tablets
Form Downloads
  • via Wifi or cell phone service when available
    • automatic on tablet login and logout
    • tablet menu-initiated at other times
  • replacement downloads when form revised
Reporting on Downloads
  • on tablet: message when form downloading
  • on server:
    • listing of all forms assigned to tablet
    • notification of updates still pending
Data Uploads
  • via Wifi or cell phone service when available
    • automatic at end of each case
    • automatic on tablet login and logout
    • tablet menu-initiated at other times
  • repeat uploads controlled from server
Reporting on Uploads
  • on tablet: number of cases to upload
  • on server:
    • last data upload date by tablet by form
    • total uploaded cases by tablet by form
  • access by tapping DASH icon on tablet
  • standard Android icons for page changes, exit
  • touch-screen entry using finger or stylus
  • item selection by tapping on field, label, image
  • display of numeric and text keypads as needed
  • language choice in multi-language forms
Display Controls
  • font size selection
  • portrait and landscape views
  • horizontal and vertical scrolling
Contact Management
  • option to suspend interviews, continue later
  • search list for selecting such a respondent
  • summary of interview activity at end of each case
Tablet Administration
Manage Tablets Menu
  • single-location source of all tablet information
  • authorization for all tablet operations
  • monitoring of all tablet activities
Form Allocation
  • up to 10 forms on each tablet
  • any number of tablets to each form
Tablet Case Assignment Options
  • limit on the number of cases collected
  • start and end dates for case access
DASH Licencing Control
  • licence authorization for tablet on server menu
  • automatic licence pick-up by tablet
  • licence termination on date set on server menu
Current Status Monitoring
  • by tablet:
    • licence status and expiry date
    • assigned forms
    • last access for download/upload
  • by form:
    • list of assigned tablets
    • cases uploaded by tablet
Tablet Data
Server Data Storage
  • uploaded data integrated into form data file
  • historical record of each case access in file
Tablet Data Storage
  • all data retained on tablet after upload
  • removal of form data server-initiated
  • access controls on data uploads to server
  • optional server-allocated password for each tablet
  • standard DASH field reports by interviewer, date
  • marginals, listings, quotas, and cross-tabs