DASH Licences

Every DASH installation starts with the Core Licence, which comprises all data collection and reporting functions for interviewer-mediated surveys. The Web Licence and Telephony Licence are optional but permanent add-ons, and the Tablet Licence is a flexible option assessed only for periods in which it is used.

Licence Application Requirement Pricing
Core form creation, direct data entry, CATI, tables and reports compulsory Core Licence cost
Web entry to web surveys optional Web Licence cost
Telephony CATI power dialing, recording, soundclips optional Telephony Licence cost
Tablet interviewer entry on tablets and smartphones optional Tablet Licence cost
Core, Web and Telephony Licences Are Purchased
Licences are User-Based
Multi-User Licences are "Floating"
Licences are Company-Wide
Licence Ownership has Rules