DASH Web Licence Cost

The Web Licence is an optional add-on for web surveys in which each respondent accesses a single case for self-completion. A minimum of a single-user Core Licence is required for purchasers of the add-on Web Licence. A Web Licence purchase is a one-time cost and the licence is permanent.

The initial web licence allows 250 respondents to access one case from any number of different web surveys simultaneously. The cost of this licence is:

For the majority of companies, there is never a requirement for more than the initial licence. For those that need to expand their capacity, however, additional users may be added in any number at a cost of $20 per user.

DASH Support for Web Licences

Ongoing support with upgrades and help line assistance is assessed at 15% of the web licence purchase price per year. This is ...

While support is highly recommended for keeping current with the latest software developments, it is optional.

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