DASH Telephony Licence Cost

The Telephony Licence is an optional add-on for CATI surveys to provide power dialing, the recording of full or partial interviews, and the playing of sound clips during interviews. Click here for a description of DASH telephony.

The minimum licence is 10 users but additional users may be added singly or in any number. A Telephony Licence purchase is a one-time cost and the licence is permanent.

1-20$500 each
21-30$400 each
31-40$300 each
41-50$200 each
over 50$100 each
DASH Support for Telephony Licences

Ongoing support with upgrades and help line assistance is assessed at 15% of the telephony licence purchase price per year. Support is highly recommended for keeping current with the latest software developments, but it is optional.

Sample Costs

UsersLicence CostSupport Cost
10 users$5,000$187.50 per quarter
25 users$12,000$450 per quarter
50 users$19,000$712.50 per quarter
100 users$24,000$900 per quarter

Click here for general information on DASH licences and on other DASH licence options.