DASH Tablet Licencing Cost

A minimum two-user Core Licence is required for managing tablet operations. In addition, each tablet or smartphone requires a licence for the DASH tablet app.

Tablets are licenced for only the time period in which the licence is used. This provides a flexible option for short term and occasional use as well as a fixed ceiling for continuous annual use. Tablet licencing is totally automated and is controlled from the Manage Tablet menu on the DASH server in each company.

The licence cost for each tablet is $2.00 per day to a maximum total of $250 per calendar year. There is no separate cost for support.

Tablet licence costs are invoiced at the beginning of each calendar quarter with the DASH Core Licence support invoice. All licence activity in the preceding quarter is documented by tablet for the time period when it was used. Once the total daily charge for a tablet during that calendar year has reached $250, no further charges are assessed for it for that year.