DASH Core Licence Cost

The Core Licence includes all functions related to data entry, CATI, survey management, and tabulations; there are no separate modules for each application. There can be any mix of these applications to the limit of the user licence and this mix can change according to workload requirements. For example, the licence may be used by data entry clerks, coders and programmers during daytime shifts on weekdays but by CATI interviewers on evenings and weekends.

The Core Licence is priced by the number of users that may access DASH at any one time. The minimum number of users in a Core Licence is 1. Additional users may be added at any time and are priced at the difference between the previous level and the expanded level. Purchase of this licence is a one-time cost and ownership is permanent.

UsersLicence Cost
1$ 2,000
2$ 3,800
3$ 5,400
4$ 6,800
5$ 8,000
6$ 9,000
7$ 9,900
11-20$500 each
21-30$400 each
31-40$300 each
over 40$200 each
DASH Support for Core Licences

Ongoing support with upgrades and help line assistance is assessed at 15% of the web licence purchase price per year. Support is highly recommended for keeping current with the latest software developments, but it is optional.

Sample Costs

UsersLicence CostSupport Cost
10 users$12,000$450 per quarter
25 users$19,000$712.50 per quarter
50 users$26,000$975 per quarter
100 users$36,000$1,350 per quarter

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