Data Entry

Questionnaires completed on paper are entered in a direct data entry (DDE) process that collapses entry and editing into a single step. The entry of data to new cases runs in parallel with reporting and coding operations on data already entered. These features guarantee the highest quality of data and the fastest turnaround time for paper surveys while minimizing the need for staff training.

Data Entry Forms
Form Components
  • form structure and operation identical to CATI and web
  • text: question number, short reference, or full question
  • fields: all data types; mandatory or optional entry
  • commands: options include skips over ineligible questions on page
Application Options
  • error checks: range, consistency, constant sum, complex 'masks'
  • new data/recodes: insertion or calculation of new values
  • versions: form page rotations to match order of paper questionnaires
  • quota controls: option to enter or reject those over quota
Data Entry Operations
Entry Features
  • immediate error messages for missing or incorrect data
  • full access to review or correct previous respondent data
  • 'Note' option key to record data omission or discrepancy on questionnaire
Management of Entry Clerks
  • minimal staff training; no survey knowledge necessary
  • live monitoring of entry as for CATI to evaluate clerk activity
  • reports on cases entered, average entry time, etc.
  • entry to any number of forms simultaneously
Data Editing and Coding
Error Correction
  • listings of Notes on questionnaire problems
  • efficient decision on problems by field staff
  • data cleaning process to flag remaining problems
  • full entry of open-ends for maximum advantage in reporting
  • full or filtered listings to assist preparation of code list
  • single question entry of recode values across case file
  • filtered access to affected cases if codes revised