Our Clients

Since its first installation in 1982, DASH has attracted a wide range of different clients across Canada.

Type of Company

Commercial enterprises dominate our client list, but even among them there has been range of organization types.

Size of Company

DASH is used in companies from very small to very large, but it is concentrated in mid-range companies. The majority of our clients started with a small DASH operation and have expanded it as they grew over the years.

Location of Company

Most DASH companies are headquartered in central and western Canada, but there are DASH operations in all regions of Canada.

Content of Research

Because the Canadian market for surveys is small, many companies do a mix of different kinds of research rather than restricting themselves to a single one. There are three main types of research at DASH companies:

Research Operations

For the same reason, most research operations include a combination of a variety of survey modes. However, some clients have selected DASH for a single purpose, mainly one of these three.